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Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

Welcome To “Chiropractic İstanbul” 

about us

Sharing the power of chiropractic is a blessing

A chiropractor is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Hi, I’m Nuri Ulutaş, I’m a chiropractor.  I’d like to welcome you to İstanbul Chiropractor. Thank you for taking the time and effort needed to find out if quality chiropractic care can help you treat the health problems that you want to cure. We have 2 clinics in Istanbul. One of our clinics is in Nişantaşı on the European side. Our other clinic is located in Kadıköy on the Asian side.

Please take your time and explore the website. There’s information about us and you can find answers to the questions about chiropractic treatment.

‘’What do we do at our clinic, who is a chiropractor and what he does, are these techniques effective for my health problems?’’ You will find information about all these questions.

You will also find information on various chiropractic related issues. We are a clinic that uses developing technology, following the new techniques, choosing and determining the most appropriate treatment method for the patient, looks for solutions to your problems and takes care of you. There are also special sections on how our clinic Istanbul chiropractic helps people in İstanbul and Turkey, such as , increasing performance with professional athletes in their specific sport,  helping geriatric patients with orthopedic or neurological problems, patients who do not want to have surgery or treating patients post-surgery.

Move better, live better…        

Diversified technique chiropractic
Gonstead technique
Thomson Leg Check
Activator tecnique

Chiropractic İstanbul listens to your goals!

Not everyone wants to be an elite athlete. For some people their goal is to be able to play with their children without any  back pain. For some, it’s to stop taking headache tablets everyday.  For others, it is to simply get back to going for a jog without feeling as if they are going to fall apart or sleeping well through the night.  Whatever your goals are we can design simple, realistic ways of achieving them. By taking on a few small good habits you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. This ensures that by taking a team approach you can receive the best quality medical care. It also means that if you do come to us with a problem that might be better helped by another healthcare professional we can ensure you get in contact with the right person.

İstanbul Chiropractor is always happy to answer questions

That’s why at our clinic Istanbul Chiropractor there is always time for questions. Whether it’s what exercise you should be doing, what position you should sleep in, or even if chiropractic treatment could beneficial for your friend who has headaches, just ask any questions to find qualified answers.   

When you understand both the causes and nature of your health problem, this enables you to make small changes in your habits and lifestyle to treat the problem, not just for now but also for the future.

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